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Rancher have been together for over 25 years playing to audiences all over the country . Between the two of them they have over 60 years experience in the entertainment industry. Rancher play a wide range of country music and can cater for both line and western. They do their very best to keep up to date with the latest floor fillers as well as the classics.

This talented duo comprises of: Steve Lovett: lead vocals & lead guitar; and John Hallett who plays Bass guitar, Slap Bass, Acoustic Guitar & harmony vocals. Steve and John are both from the Slough area and have been fans of the country music scene for years, both playing in bands from a very early age around the social club and holiday circuits.

Both members of the duo are artistes in there own right. John has been playing guitar and bass in various bands as well as Rancher and can pretty much play a tune on any instrument he puts his mind to. His house is like every musicians dream and is full of all kinds of instruments including a drum kit, saxophone, clarinet, mandolin, and even a ukulele! As well as his talent for playing a vast amount of instruments he also has a wicked sense of humour and has always got a joke to tell you.


Steve, at the age of 11, started in a country band formed by his father called The Convoys and then spent a few years playing with his own Rockabilly band, the Niteshift Trio. He then worked solo around the holiday venues full time. Steve has also been a Line Dance DJ for 15 years and has run three dance clubs with his wife Debbie in the local area. Steve has always lead a busy lifestyle with his music, but wouldn't have it any other way! He is always looking to improve his brilliant guitar playing, which is shown through his various on stage guitar solos. Steve also has a flare for computer music programming and programmes and edits most of their backing tracks .

Rancher met at one of Steves Line dance clubs while he was on stage doing his solo act for the dancers. They became strong friends and found they had much in common when it came to music. So with the popularity of the Dean Brothers and The Cheap Seats they decided to form Rancher but only played around there local area of Berkshire. Since then they have become increasingly popular and due to such high demand they are now travelling further a field and are quite often travelling up and down the country for a gig.

Rancher are not to be missed! Their use of top quality equipment to project there sound joined together with their live instruments and vocals offer a show stopping and enjoyable performance.

Steve is also available as a solo artiste and is already built a great reputation around both Line and western clubs .